Cheap Massage

Tips to finding a cheap massage provider

Massage is a fabulous experience that not only feels great, but has a whole range of proven medical benefits ranging from reduced stress levels to higher immunity as a result of improved circulation. The problem however is that the costs of massage can make it an expensive exercise. Massage is a form of treatment where the benefits increase the more regularly you receive treatment, but regular treatment means regular expenses, and this is something we all try to avoid. People who are hoping for a cheap massage to relieve tension and stress will often find themselves put off by the prices.

So if you are unable or uninclined to shell out several hundred dollars per month for a massage, what are the options? One great solution is to look for where your local massage therapists have received their training. Local massage schools are constantly on the lookout for people who students can refine their massage skills on. Instead of paying $50-$150 for an hour of massage, you can be looking at $25.

Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to looking for a local massage school to provide your cheap massage. The most obvious benefit is that the massage will be much cheaper than regular, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of a rub on a more regular basis. If you are curious about massage and the techniques involved, students are usually more forthcoming with information about what they are doing. Talking about the massage not only helps you understand what is being done and why it is beneficial, but it reinforces the students own learning. There is also a good chance the student will be being supervised, which will mean they are paying careful attention to what they are doing. Even if they are not, the more ambitious students will be ensuring everything is perfect for you in the hope you ask for them by name next time you return for a massage. This is a great way of scoring brownie points with their teachers. They may even be taking a long term view and looking to secure you as a client with this cheap massage, so that when they open their practice you will stay with them. The flipside of this argument is that those students who are not motivated could neglect quality service as they fail to see the long term relationship developing from the massage.

The drawbacks of using trainees as a way of getting cheap massage are sometimes dependent on you. There may be a supervisor present during the massage which may make you uncomfortable, or you may even have several other students observing the massage. If this is likely to make you uncomfortable, be sure to ask when you book the massage who will be present.

Another thing to remember when you go through a massage training school is that you are dealing with masseurs who are not yet certified or fully trained. This is particularly important if you require massage due to a sports strain or injury. Cheap massage is nice, but when you are trying to heal an injury you want to be sure that you are receiving the correct treatment and not further antagonizing it.

Because you are dealing with a trainee, you need to be prepared for the overall quality of the massage to be lower. Often it will not be, but it is best to prepare yourself for a slightly lower level of massage and understand the reasons for it.

There is sometimes the opportunity to combine this method of cheap massage with getting a massage from a fully qualified and certified massage therapist. Many schools keep Alumni lists and are happy to pass on the details of recent graduates who have now set up their own massage centres and are looking to increase their client base. These new businesses are often enticing new clients by offering cheap massage packages, or special introductory offers. Ring around and ask for a few prices and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Overall, while going through a massage training school is probably the cheapest way of getting a professional massage, whether it is the best option for you will depend on a number of factors, and these should be carefully weighed up before you take the plunge. There are other ways to get a cheap massage which may be better suited to your particular needs and desires.

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